THE Daily Express salutes Wayne Johns, from Tamworth in Staffordshire.

Wayne has become a Guinness World Record holder after playing pinball for more than 30 hours to help raise money for prostrate cancer charities.

A 12 year old boy has discovered what is believed to be a fossilised mammoth tusk on Bexhill Beach in East Sussex.

The Daily Mirror reports that Archie Wood was metal detecting with his father when he spotted a strange item sticking out of the sand.

At first they thought it could be a piece of wood but Archie's grandfather Neil said: “When he started digging he pulled out this enormous tusk.”

He added: “It is over 18 inches long, and that's with the curve. You can see it was once part of a jaw. It could have belonged to a sabre toothed tiger or a mammoth.

“We're waiting to have it verified but you can feel it is a genuine fossil.”

The Guardian tells us that special stamps playing tribute to singer David Bowie who died in January last year 'have been launched towards space.'

Fifty-two sets of the stamps were dispatched attached to special helium balloons as an homage to Bowie’s role in the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth.

The flight reached 34,100m at a vertical speed of about 12mph. After the balloons burst, the stamps descended at nearly 200mph, slowing to approximately 8mph by the time they reached the ground.

Talk about having nine lives, a six month old kitten has survived a 30 minute ordeal in a washing machine, says the Daily Mirror.

Ruth Horton, from Norfolk, was horrified when she realised the six-month-old Kitty had been trapped in the machine.

Ruth said: “It's a miracle she's alive. I was in the laundry room sorting out the washing when I turned my back to pick up some detergent.

“Kitty must have sneaked in there without me realising. I pressed the button and went off to eat dinner. I never thought anything of it.”

Ruth added: “When I started to sort through the clothes which should have been very light, I noticed I had something very heavy in my hand.

“I realised it was my cat's leg. She meowed and my first reaction was to scream as I thought she was dead. I felt sick and terrified.”

The kitten was taken to a vet and made a full recovery.

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